5 Unique Styles of Smoking

pipe-smokingSmokers enjoy fagging and they do it in different styles to suit their taste. One can judge a person’s personality by his or her smoking style. A suave person smokes in an elegant and sophisticated manner, whereas a rustic person may smoke in a very uncouth manner. In other words, a person’s educational and socioeconomic background makes a difference in the manner he or she smokes. Whatever said and done a smoker smokes in his or her own unique style. Here are a few styles for you to think about. Want to try them?

Styles of Smoking

  • Some smoke cigars with a bald head style. The look, of course, is very suave and indicates wealth and intellectual seriousness
  • Smoking while sitting slumped in a chair with a cigarette in the mouth. Appears very causal and relaxed
  • Smoking while leaning with the head placed in the hands and staring aimlessly. It gives an impression of a pensive and thoughtful look
  • One can also smoke with wriggling hands. It appears to be a bit difficult and inconvenient, but those habituated to such style may find it quite comfortable
  • Smoking close to the butt. Mostly people from the poorer sections smoke in this manner. The smoker gets the maximum benefit from the cigarette

A smoker smokes in his or her own style. Some puff a lot, others release the smoke slowly. Holding of the cigarette varies from individual to individual. Choose a style convenient to you and enjoy the smoke.

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  1. I am smoking again and quite alot. I’m depressed due to loss of job and trouble finding a new fulltime job. I am also finding myself an empty nester with an only child and a widow. These are not excuses just facts.