Chain Smoking

Chain SmokingChain smoking is the habit of smoking tobacco or other addictives continuously, without a break. The smoking pattern is like a chain, with one link leading to another, without a break in the middle. Hence the name chain smoking.

People who involve in chain smoking are called chain smokers. Usually, the term chain smoker is used for non-stop cigarette smokers, but pipe and cigar smokers also come into the ambit.

What causes chain smoking?

There are various causes for chain smoking. In any chain smoker, these factors may be working alone or as a combination.

Nicotine addiction:

Nicotine is a very addictive substance. Initially, when a person starts smoking, a little bit of nicotine is enough to give that person pleasure out of it. But slowly, the person develops nicotine resistance. He/she needs more and more nicotine for satisfaction with every passing day. This makes the person chain smoke cigarettes.

Habitual chain smoking:

After a period of chain smoking, the person may become habituated to it. Now, even though he might have a craving for nicotine, the habit has become so strong that he cannot stop.

Emotional reasons :

The emotional reasons for chain smoking are as varied as the number of chain smokers. Some chain smoke to forget a pain, some do it to take their mind off something. Some do it to control their food cravings to lose weight.

Smoking crack cocaine :

It has been found that smoking crack cocaine with cigarettes will increase the tendency of a person to become a chain smoker.

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Effects of chain smoking :

Chain smoking has the same physical effects as normal smoking, even greater. In addition to increasing the risk of cancers, respiratory diseases, early aging etc, chain smoking may also affect the social and work areas of a chain smoker’s life.

A chain smoker cannot tolerate even short periods of time without a cigarette. He will not be able to keep up a long meeting or a conversation without a smoking break.

Celebrities who chain smoke :

Some celebrities who are chain smokers include Kate Moss, Jennifer Aniston, Scarlett Johansson, Colin Farell, Johnny Depp, Al Pacino and bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan.

Dead celebrities who used to chain smoke include George Harrison, Heath Ledger etc.

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