Cigarette Smoking Pros and Cons

Cigarette SmokingEverybody, including the smokers themselves, keep talking and hearing about the ill effects of smoking and tobacco on various aspects of health. Most of us already know how bad smoking and tobacco are for health. But it gives some sort of pleasure at that instant when a cigarette is smoked. Although the ill effects are already known, there are some positives of it as well that have been presented by many smokers as a defense against all the negatives against it.

Cigarette smoking pros and cons

Although we already know most of these things about tobacco and smoking, but here we look at it as a comparison, weighing the good and the bad.

Pros :

These are some of the positives of smoking.

  • Nicotine high gives a pleasant feeling.
  • A bonding with other smokers, a feeling of being a community.
  • A sense of fulfillment and gratification.
  • It is believed it makes you look cool.
  • It is believed to reduce stress.
  • It acts like an ice-breaker at gathering to mingle with people.
  • The fun of watching smoke from burning of the cigarette and swirl around.

Cons :

Now These can be compared with the negatives of smoking.

  • It gives bad breath and bad body odor as the smell of the smoke sticks to you and everything around you.
  • It makes breathing strenuous.
  • It can cause cancers and other minor and major ailments like diminishes sense of taste and smell, migraines, etc..
  • Secondhand smoke is equally harmful to people around.
  • You can develop a chronic cough which can be irritating and painful.
  • It can make you completely dependent, an addict.
  • It can cause an early death due to various diseases.

When we look at the two listings, it is obvious that the cons outweigh the pros by such a margin that it is clear why smoking should be avoided or given up at the earliest. There are many ways by which you can quit smoking and lead a healthier, better and longer life.

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  1. There was a study in which smoking caused the subject to have a more happier lifestyle because the subject was using cigarettes to reduce stress. But I still prefer myself as a non smoker.

  2. this sight sucks