Kretek vs Cigarettes – Which is Worse?

Clove cigaretesWhat is the difference between kretek and cigarettes?

Kreteks are also known as clove cigarettes or cloves. They contain about 40-60 percent clove oil which is mixed with tobacco. These are sometimes marketed as herbal cigarettes due to the presence of clove oil that is known to have curative properties. This flavoring makes kreteks different from regular full-flavor cigarettes. Regular cigarettes contain only tobacco and no flavoring.

Kretek vs cigarettes – Which is worse?

Many believe that clove cigarettes are better than regular cigarettes. There are those who believe that cloves are a healthier alternative to the usual cigarettes. This major misconception that arises out of the term herbal cigarettes that is often used to refer to kreteks. Although less, these still contain tobacco and, therefore nicotine.They are not safe alternatives to regular cigarettes. Kreteks may, in may cases,contain double the amount of nicotine as regular cigarettes. Also, these sticks release greater amounts of carbon monoxide and tar along with many of the other toxins present in regular cigarettes. This means that they may actually be more harmful than normal cigarettes.

Another disadvantage of kreteks is that they may actually cause the smoker to inhale deeper. This is because clove oil has a numbing effect and the smoker might have to inhale deeper to feel the same effect as a normal cigarette. Due to this, you may end up inhaling toxins deeper into your lungs and causing yourself more damage.

Clove oil has healing properties. But it has been observed that it can actually do more harm than good when inhaled. Inhaling fumes of this oil may cause bronchitis, lung damage and edema. This is because of the numbing effect of clove oil that may cause respiratory reflexes to slow down. These cloves may lead youngsters into smoking as they are freely available. Also, there is no age restriction and almost anyone can buy these at health stores. This may cause youngsters to start smoking cloves and later move on to regular cigarettes.

It is, therefore, best to stay away from clove cigarettes as they may cause you more harm than your regular cigarettes. Herbal cigarettes are a way to convince yourself that you are not harming yourself when, in reality, you are. It is always a good idea to be well-informed before you experiment with something new.

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