How can you smoke Calea zacatechichi?

Shocking-SmokingCalea zacatechichi is also called Cheech, Dream Herb, Leaf of God and Bitter Grass. The herb has a long history of being used by indigenous Chontal of Mexico. Calea zacatechichi is used for smoking by these natives, usually in a completely dark room. Smoke calea zacatechichi herb can provide visual light hallucinations in the waking state. The spirits of old were presented to the shamans, which in turn presented them with solutions to problems or moral quandaries.

When large amounts of the herb Calea zacatechichi are consumed, feeling of ecstasy and intense pleasure are reported. The herb is smoked in a blunt or joint, before sleep. This helps in dream creativity, dream recalling and also obtaining lucidity while still in the dreaming state. There are usually no side effects of the herb.

Smoking Calea zacatechichi

There are three ways to smoke this dream herb –

Smoking Calea zacatechichi in a Bong

  • It is the easiest method of smoking generous amounts of the herb in the shortest time.
  • Water in the chamber will make the smoke minimal harsh, especially when chilled water is used.

Smoking Calea zacatechichi in a Joint

  • Smoking the herb this way is the highly acclaimed method.
  • Certainly, joints have a certain aesthetic pleasure.
  • Some people mix tobacco also in a joint.

Smoking Calea zacatechichi in a Bowl

  • Smoking using a bowl is the easiest and a quick method to smoke Calea zacatechichi.
  • This method requires a little more amount of the herb.

Smoking Calea zacatechichi herb gives a milder effect, but its tea can give a lasting effect.

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