What are the Social Benefits of Quitting Smoking ?

Quit SmokingThere are various benefits of quitting smoking and among them social benefit is one of them. Smoking can be a style statement for few people while being a stigma for others. For some people, it could be a stress buster and for few it could be a stress inducer. Quitting smoking can improve a person’s life significantly. Smoking disadvantages can lead to several deadly diseases. Hence, it is being emphasised to stop smoking.

Some people would not allow smokers to visit the non-smoking levels of the society. Some smoker’s relatives and friends have a bad image about the smoking habit in their mind, hence quitting would obviously help in changing the scenario.

Social Benefits of Quitting Smoking

Social benefits after you quit smoking can be numerous.

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These can be summed up as –

  • The first basic benefit of quitting smoking is that you won’t feel guilty of smoking anymore and you can walk with your head high in social events. Other people would also not talk about you discreetly.
  • You will have more stamina, confidence, endurance and you will feel an enhanced sense of self esteem.
  • You will be refrained from coughing in public and to feel sorry about it.
  • Thirdly, your belongings such as your car, house and clothes would not smell of cigarettes.
  • You will not become a burden on your family members for not causing illnesses related to smoking cigarettes.
  • Above all, none will be able to call you as a hypocrite.

These are some of the social benefits of quitting smoking. We all are a part of this society, where we live. If smoking can invite appraisal, approval and appreciation of your personal self, then why not try to quit this bad habit.

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