Effects of Smoking

Smoking-on-the-HeartSmoking can have disturbing and devastating effects on the body. But, this does not deter smokers from letting out smoke like chimneys. Why is this so?. Read on to know various ill effects of smoking.

Smoking is Addictive

Smoking can become a grave addiction, similar to cocaine or heroin. Nicotine in tobacco stimulates the brain with pleasant feelings. These feelings occur during smoking and dissipate soon after. This results in cravings and the body slowly starts to depend on nicotine for the daily “high”. This leads to tobacco addiction.

Facts About smoking

Research has revealed various ill effects of smoking on the economy and the human body. Some of them are listed below:

  • Tobacco use can damage the body, and lead to several life threatening ailments.
  • Smoking-related conditions like coronary heart disease and chronic lung disease, take a toll of more than 400,000 American lives each year.
  • Tobacco products are estimated to contain about 5,000 chemicals. Of these, 69 chemicals can cause various types of cancers.
  • Smoking is responsible for causing 90% of lung cancer deaths and 80% to 90% of deaths due to chronic lung diseases.
  • About nine million Americans experience serious ailments due to smoking.
  • Smoking also has adverse effects on the digestive system. It can cause peptic ulcer disease and infertility. Besides, smoking also delays the natural healing of wounds.
  • Pregnant women who smoke, expose their infants to a variety of health issues.
  • Smoking is the cause for 10% of infant deaths, and 20% to 30% of babies born with low birth weight. Babies born to smoking mothers can suffer from decreased lung function and narrow airways.
  • Secondhand smoke is equally dangerous. A non-smoker can end up inhaling about four cigarettes if he/she stays with a smoker for two hours.
  • In the U.S., smoking related issues lead to health care costs of about $170 billion.

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