Effects of Smoking Weed


is famously known as hemp, grass, pot, ganja, marijuana and cannabis (scientific name). Weed has been a rave among many cultures for recreational and ritual purposes. Although, many are not aware of the effects of smoking weed in the long run. For over a century, cannabis has been blacklisted as as a illegal drug. In fact, Turkey and Greece outlawed smoking weeds as long back as 1890. Read on to know more about the effects of smoking weed.

People from different walks of life are attracted to the allure of smoking weeds because of its psychoactive properties, from musicians to college students. But it is well-known that using cannabis adversely affects one’s health. But surprisingly, many reports have revealed the medicinal value of marijuana such as pain relief linked with several serious ailments. There is a strong debate about the effects of weed, now it depends which side of the court you stand on. Hence, it is imperative to know both the positive and negative effects of smoking weed.

Positive Effects of Smoking Weed

The medicinal value of weeds cannot be ignored. One of the most effective glaucoma drug used in Jamaica is Canasol, which is extracted from weed. Many countries have approved its use for pain control associated with many diseases. Also, it successfully kills brain tumor cells which makes treatment and surgery more effective. This also improves the patient’s prognosis.

According to a research, it is proven that weed has a positive effect on the brain’s alpha wave activity. This activity is an integral part of a relaxed mind state. Also, it can lessen or alleviate nausea in cancer patients. Even it helps those patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Negative Effects of Smoking Weed

Smoking weed has many serious health implications. Excessive use may affect the smoker’s short term memory. One of the most controversial effect is its affect on hormone production in the body. Even it has been reported that it can lead to lower sperm count and erectile dysfunction in men.

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