Effects of Smoking Spice

effects of smoking spice
The adverse effects of smoking spice have been spread and alerted all over the nation in the United States which led to its ban. Many other countries are following the suit and considering issuing a ban. Smoking spice was always a health concern as it was officially banned on March 1, 2011. The United States has now completely stopped selling this banned drug in the stores post strict rules were devised by the DEA. Read on to know more about the effects of smoking spice.

Even some European nations have banned the selling and purchasing of this drug much earlier than the United States bought the ban into effect. The drug is now slowly gaining momentum when coming to its rage among adolescents and adults, who are attracted to this proclaimed ‘herbal incense’. They are smoking this as if it is weed/marijuana.

An Overview

Spice is a copy of marijuana, although not so similar, as it is a synthetic cannabinoid in nature. In simpler terms, the drug has been distributed, nationally and globally, as‘incense’. However, people bought these as way to get high and stones, more so as it was a legal drug before getting banned.

Also, the drug is sold online and it has become an easy access for those individuals. Hence, it has become a rage among the various users. But, very little do they really know about the adverse effects when the smoke this marijuana twin!
An ongoing controversial debate regarding this drug has revealed that it is much more expensive when compared with the street sold weed. It is well-known that one gram of this drug will cost you nearly $25, whereas weed is much too cheaper than it. The primary synthetic cannabinoid substance present in this drug is known as JWH-018. This substance can cause a high which is similar to that of weed.

Dangers of Spice Smoking

Smoking catnip also became a problem of sorts when people started using this herbal plant as a way not to ingest it for herbal remedies, instead using it for ‘smoking’ the herb similar to real weed. In the world of drugs, one cannot be too certain, or even exercise caution while trying out the different stuffs. It is addictive in nature and very hard to give up.

You might be wondering what re your chances to take up smoking this drug? Well, recently the social networking site, Facebook, released a news update that got many parents concerned and paranoid as well as youngsters fascinated.
According to the update, 5 deaths occurred and 11 overdose victims were hospitalized due to smoking this drug. This incident was confirmed true by a news channel later. This drug is now available in cigarette form; hence, many are prone to smoke this.

Effects of Spice Smoking

Smoking this drug has been considered to have a stale flavor. This drug does not suit those who take this along with alcohol, as one can experience terrible hangovers which are intensified in the next morning accompanied with excruciating headaches. This can even last for several hours.

For people who know that how hungry one tends to feel after smoking pot, will perfectly understand what it means to experience those intense hunger pangs right after smoking this drug. When it comes to spice, the chemical substance JWH-018 does not make you feel hungry at all. You don’t seem to have any signs of food cravings. This behavior has been observed in many smokers.

One of the primary ingredients found in this drug which actually resembles the cannabis, is known as 1,1-dimethyloctylhomologue. This substance is Cp 47,497. One more active ingredient in weed is HU-210. This is known to be structurally similar to the cannabis plant. Post all the tests, the DEA realized the consequences of smoking this drug. They realized that this legal drug was slowly becoming one of the most sought after drug available in the market.

I hope you now fully understand the adverse effects of smoking spice. The best way to avoid any ill-effects is to stay away from this banned drug and stay healthy!


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