Causes of Smoking

SmokingMost people start smoking in their teens. There are various causes why teens take to smoking. Some of them are listed below:

Peer Pressure and Influence by Smoking

If your friend is a smoker, you will be influenced by them. Sometimes, your peers may coerce you to smoke or force you to leave their group if you don’t join them in smoking.

To Create a Cool Image

Many teens think it looks cool and rebellious to flaunt a cigarette in their fingers. Others think smoking can help to lose weight. Many teens are experimental and try smoking cigarettes or marijuana for excitement and to alleviate boredom.

Parental Influence

If your parents smoke, it can influence you. So parents should ensure they set a good example for their children and also make restrictions that can help their kids resist the urge to smoke.

Media Influence

The tobacco industry spreads the message that it is cool to smoke through ads and strategic placement in movies, etc. These media messages influence gullible people who try to ape their favorite stars and start smoking.