Are Smoking and Glamour Related to each other?

Smoking has long been associated with glamour in movies and television shows. Tobacco companies try to entice young minds by establishing a link between glamour and smoking. Cigarette companies try to target prospective users by means of aggressive advertisements that intentionally promote smoking and make positive statements about specific brands of cigarettes.

Cigarette companies target young people by sponsoring glamorous sporting events. By linking glamour with smoking, cigarette companies make an attempt to appeal to the attention of young boys. Studies indicate that glamorous sporting events heavily sponsored by tobacco companies encourage their young fans to develop smoking. However, by imparting an aura of glamour to smoking, tobacco companies try to conceal the negative impacts of smoking such as long term health complications linked to the product.

Smoking Linked to Glamour
Glamour appeals to impressionable mind, and any product that is associated with glamorous events and sports are likely to entice young readers into using the product. Cigarette companies often exploit this propensity among adolescents in reaching out to them. Smoking is also closely related to glamorous activities in night clubs and pubs where people go in trendy dresses and think that lighting up a cigarette will enhance their overall appeal.

Following the Trends (female smoking glamour)
It has been observed that numerous individuals develop the habit of smoking after trying to imitate the smoking habits of glamorous celebrities and individuals whose actions are often widely publicized. Studies reveal that teenage girls find smoking as a means to enhance their personality. They want to stamp their authority on others. They believe smoking adds a touch of glamour to the trendy dresses, make-up and jewelry that they use.

However, it should be borne in mind that smoking is a biological addiction. Nicotine present in cigarettes is considered as addictive as cocaine and heroin. Apart from the addiction to nicotine, the lure of glamour makes them addicted to smoking. When people are desirous of putting an end to this habit they have to overcome a psychological barrier as well.

Smoking – a Social Habit
Social learning theory explains how individuals learn by following the example set down by others. Individuals are greatly influenced by their parents and other people they hold in high esteem. For example actors and pop stars who are associated with a glamorous lifestyle. This often prompts individuals to imitate their behavior and in the process they start smoking.

Smoking has an instant effect on an individual’s brains with the initial cigarettes, and hence people continue to smoke to deprive the pleasure. Subsequently individuals show an inclination to link smoking with other activities, for example drinking coffee, visiting the pub and a glamorous lifestyle associated with stars and celebrities.