Are You a Healthy Smoker?

Medical research indicates that quitting smoking is extremely difficult and the chance for relapse is considerably high. Dealing with the after effects of smoking, quitting and relapses have induced many counselors to advocate ‘The Healthy Smoker’ approach. This involves detoxification, following a healthy diet, slow introduction of exercise, alternative therapies and Internet forum support.

What is Healthy Smoker Approach?

The smoker is not expected to quit till the time the body no longer needs the nicotine and the mind no longer conveys the need to smoke. He should quit by slowly developing an attitude to life, under controlled circumstances. Being a healthy smoker can be a strong reality, provided smokers make extra effort and remain focused on staying in proper health. This is possible by adopting a new approach to life and living.

It is believed that quitting smoking cold turkey is bad advice, and 70% of cold turkey quitters start smoking again within three months. Smoking has a high remission rate because tobacco is a stronger addiction than either cocaine or heroin, according to scientific studies. This is why health advisors are promoting the cause of becoming healthier first as the best tactic for smokers, as this gradually reduces the body’s dependency and desire for nicotine and other addictives present in cigarettes.

Health Consequences of Smoking – Reason Enough for Change in Attitude:

The health consequences of smoking can be ascertained by running standard tests, which determine the impact of smoking on one’s body. Measuring the level of oxygen and the level of antioxidants other ways for smokers to discover what is happening to their bodies. Regular checkups are important for smokers as potential diseases, like heart and cancer, are not easily detected in standard medical checkups.

How to Become a Healthy Smoker?

  • Clinical studies and feedback from smokers who have adopted a healthier approach to smoking prove that supplements like twice-daily doses of green tea extract and cur cumin can reduce the risk of cancer and lung disease by over 50 percent. Smokers imbibing these are healthier than smokers who do not.
  • Detoxification can be one alternative therapy that is rejuvenating as well as health promoting to smokers. A regular sauna/ massage and eating vegetables combined with alternate natural remedies ensures smokers have more energy, experience less stress and be able to cut back on their daily smoking.
  • Progressive change in attitude, diet and lifestyle can make one a successful healthy smoker with almost no withdrawal symptoms and fear of relapse.