Does Smoking have Negative Effect on Fitness and Bodybuilding?

Does smoking effects exercises?. Smoking has a detrimental effect on the performance level of the bodybuilders. The injurious cigarette chemicals cause irreparable damage to the various organ systems. To know how these chemicals affect the body read more.

Yes! Smoking does have a negative effect on fitness and bodybuilding. Many smokers have realized the negative impact of smoking to their health; hence they ended up quitting it.

In case of bodybuilding, a low workout performance will result in less muscle building and an inferior build. Smoking strongly affects your performance level as it destroys the body cells including the muscle cells.

Here is the list of the negative impacts of smoking on your performance:

  • Smoking causes an irreparable damage to your respirator system hence reducing your fitness level. Respiration is immediately affected by smoking. There is an increase in airway resistance hence there is a decrease in the quantity of oxygen absorbed by the blood.
  • When compared with a non-smoker it is found that the heart beat of a smoker is 30% faster. The stimulating effect of nicotine results in faster heart beat. In order to maintain a balanced performance with a non-smoker counterpart your body spends more amount of energy. The increase in heart beat and blood pressure results in reduced blood flow from your blood vessels, hence reducing your performance.
  • The most important thing in bodybuilding is the final rep or ½ an hour extra of cardio. Significantly there is a decrease in the probability of these exercises due to smoking. Smoking decreases the growth and functioning of your lungs hence leaving you breathless when you require air the most.
  • Due to smoking chronic swelling occurs in the mucus membrane. Hence phlegm is produced more in smokers as compared to non-smokers. This phlegm partially blocks the airway hence prohibiting proper respiration.
  • During exercise there is a significant reduction in the oxygen availability to the muscles due to tobacco smoke. Tobacco smoke contains higher levels of carbon monoxide, which has more affinity to bind with hemoglobin as compared to oxygen. Therefore smoking enhances the binding of carbon monoxide with hemoglobin hence reducing your performance level.
  • Carbon monoxide has a double negative effect; firstly in the lungs it decreases the oxygen quantity absorbed by the blood. Secondly, it also reduces the quantity of oxygen carried to the muscles by the blood. Oxygen is the keep component for the proper functioning of the energy systems of your body. Hence it affects the energy production and your performance.
  • Cigarette contains tar, which adds on to the airways resistance. Tar is responsible for the reduction in the elasticity of the air sacs as it forms a layer in your lungs. This reduces the blood absorption capacity of the lungs.
  • Tar also interferes with cleansing system of the lungs hence allowing the various pollutants to settle down in the lungs and bronchial tubes. This would damage the cilia and increase coughing and phlegm.
  • Smoking reduces the maximum oxygen intake. 20% of the oxygen uptake is increased by regular exercises but smoking reduces this effect by 10%.
  • According to the research study smoking can damage testes cells, which are responsible for producing testosterone.

Smoking is responsible for causing cardiovascular disease, cancer, inadequate testosterone level, heart damage and poor insulin metabolism. These factors also contribute in poor bodybuilding.