Health Hazards of Heavy Smoking

Numerous health hazards are associated with smoking. Smoking is responsible for giving rise to a number of ailments which can be fatal at times.

Smoking triggers a number of untimely deaths from ailments that are commonly untreatable, but can be averted if it is stopped. There are three major ailments caused by smoking, and persons addicted to smoking can be afflicted with the diseases prematurely. Smoking accounts for 30 percent of all heart attacks and deaths related to cardiovascular complications. Smoking is to be blamed for no less than 30 percent of all cancer deaths and 87 percent of deaths pertaining to lung cancer. Smoking also causes 82 percent of deaths because of emphysema and chronic bronchitis.

How Smoking Affects Your Health?

  • Smoking is primarily responsible for aggravating ailments and conditions that are not always terminal, but can be a source of great suffering or personal anxiety.
  • Other health hazard of smoking are linked to the delayed cure of peptic ulcers of the stomach and duodenum, a number of which would get cured in a spontaneous manner in individuals who do not smoke.
  • The harmful impact of smoking on blood vessels gives rise to chronic pains in the legs or claudication, which can result in gangrene and lead to the amputations of the toes or feet.
  • The adverse effect of smoking on elastic tissue results in the early formation of wrinkles on the skin on the face of heavy smokers. Due to this, people who smoke appear on an average five years older in comparison to non-smokers of the same age group. Smoking also triggers premature menopause in women, making it happen earlier by five years on an average.
  • Smoking diminishes fertility in women and prolongs conception after they cease to take oral contraceptives.
  • Smoking weakens erections in middle-aged and older men, and may influence the quality of their sperm. Smoking appears to sedate sperm and harm their motility. Persons can overcome this malady if they give up smoking completely.
  • Smoking is known to quicken the rate of osteoporosis, an ailment that results in the weakening of bones thereby causing fractures more easily.
  • Women who indulge in smoking during pregnancy harm their unborn child, triggering consequences that last all through the life of the child. The dangers of miscarriage, premature birth, and death of the baby in its first year of life are all considerably enhanced.
  • Harmful chemicals present in cigarette smoke directly harm the lung tissue thus diminishing their ability to absorb oxygen. Substances discharged by the immune system as reaction to cigarette smoke also damage the lung cells. Smoking affects the bronchial tree in the lungs resulting in the formation of excess mucus and giving rise to the typical smokers’ cough.