How Culture Influences Smoking?

SmokingSmoking is closely associated with the custom and history of many countries. It is not merely a habit that is personal in nature but is an important aspect of culture. Irrespective of antismoking laws or campaigns, smoking tobacco is presently an exceedingly vital element in the lives of many. However, in many cultures, smoking is prohibitive but many people defy the restrictions and pick up the habit secretly.

How Cigarettes Became Popular?

As a cultural attribute smoking is very well recognized in literature, movies, and music. Movies in particular have imparted a sense of glamour and romance to this habit with the portrayal of super heroes achieving the impossible with a cigarette in their hands.

In many countries smoking is widespread among the younger generation. It gives their life certain significance. It is a source of relaxation in times of trouble. It is also considered as an effective means of building association between two individuals who indulge in the habit.

Before cigarette developed, the use of tobacco was limited to its crude form. With the use of tobacco gaining in popularity, new methods of processing and preparing the product were invented. Due to their easy accessibility and convenience, cigarettes at present enjoy a close relation with modern man and the contemporary world.

It is an Individual’s Choice

People are aware of the adverse effects of smoking or chewing tobacco. These concerns are highlighted in anti-smoking laws and campaigns. It is the duty of every individual to be conscious about the ill effects of smoking so that they are not exposed to the threat of various ailments associated with smoking. Adolescents who are the targets of cigarette promotion campaigns need to be safeguarded from them. However, the final decision whether to smoke or not depends on an individual.

Trends are Changing

Presently smoking has assumed the form of epidemic in many countries with more and people getting addicted to it. Smoking accounts for a large number of deaths every year and numerous people are admitted to hospitals with serious health complications related to smoking. However many people make a concerted effort to quit smoking. While some are successful others fail to give up the habit despite making several attempts.