How Expensive Is Your Smoking Habit?

Smoking HabitThe financial cost of smoking, far exceeds the cost of a pack of cigarettes. Smokers are afflicted with a number of diseases, and they spend lot of money to cure the diseases. Sometimes ailments caused by smoking require specialized treatment for their cure which can be quite expensive.

Smokers spend more money on insurance and do not get satisfactory returns on the resale value of their cars and homes. Smokers often spend additional money for removing nicotine stains from the teeth as well as dry cleaning. In the long run they earn less and obtain less in pension and Social Security benefits.

Smokers – Not Preferable for Jobs

Now-a-days smokers are not considered suitable for employment in numerous companies. Smokers can lose their jobs if they fail to give up smoking in keeping with the requirements of concerned companies. There have been a number of instances in which employees have been fired after they refused to give up smoking in accordance with company rules and regulations.

The number of companies that refuse to hire smokers are at a significant rise in the US. Many other countries are also making efforts to limit the menace of smoking in workplaces. This is to minimize the detrimental effect of smoking on non smokers and the environment as well.

An Expensive Smoking Habit

  • People who smoke heavily spend a lot of money on cigarettes. The expenses thus incurred can be quite phenomenal in the long run. On average smokers generally spend nearly $30.24 per week, or about $1,600 per year. It is quite a significant amount and can be used fruitfully for other purposes like vacationing with the family or buying useful household items.
  • There are many people who find their cars to be the perfect place for smoking while alone without causing inconvenience to others. If individuals who smoke in their cars do not bother to clean their cars thoroughly it worsens the condition of the car. The interiors will inexorably smell of smoke, and stray ashes and cigarette ends can burn holes in the upholstery and floor mats.
  • However they matter little unless individuals try to sell their cars. A good cleaning with the help of an extractor can cost about $150.
  • The dwelling places of smokers frequently need new paint or wall treatment together with professional drapery and carpet cleaning, due to the nicotine deposits that can result from smoking.
  • The cost of smoking in terms of health can be quite significant. Smoking has the nasty feature of affecting all the systems from head to foot.

Nicotine in the cigarette leads to the constriction of blood vessels which enhances blood pressure causing hypertension. Every time a cigarette is smoked there is a significant increase in blood pressure. Smoking also hinders the metabolism of multiple anti-hypertensive medication. Smoking is one of the chief factors in the development of cardiovascular ailments. It negatively impacts the blood vessels and increases your heart’s the work load by diminishing exercise tolerance.