How Parental Smoking Influences the Children?

Parental smoking has a detrimental effect on children. Many children develop this habit while imitating the smoking behavior of their parents. Parents who smoke subject their children to the adverse effects of passive smoking which can give rise to serious health complications among them

Maternal Smoking- Dangerous From the Beginning

Maternal smoking has an adverse impact on children even when they are in the uterus. Women who smoke when they are pregnant give birth to underweight babies who on an average weigh 7 ounces less than babies of mothers who do not smoke. The nicotine level in the blood of babies of mothers who smoke is similar to the level of nicotine in the blood of adults. And, they undergo nicotine withdrawal in the initial stages of their lives.

Smoking mothers give birth to children with considerably higher rates of ear infections despite claims by their mothers that they never smoke in front of their children. Apart from this, SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is common with babies of mothers who smoke. Parental smoking during pregnancy enhances the threat of miscarriage, premature birth and death of the baby in the first year of life, along with other complications that the baby may be subjected to. Parental smoking associated with pregnant mothers, results in unsatisfactory growth and development of all unborn babies.

Parental smoking by mothers during their crucial stage of pregnancy has a detrimental effect on the development of the brain of the children. Children of mothers who indulge in smoking during pregnancy lag behind children of non smoking mothers in reading and numerical capability. Parental smoking by mothers during pregnancy may lead to behavioral difficulties in children together with hyperactivity.

Parental Smoking Leads to Passive Smoking

Parental smoking during the initial years in the life of children makes them susceptible to the detrimental effects of passive smoking. Passive smoking is particularly harmful for children since it can lead to aggravation of asthma, enhanced regularity of colds and ear infections, and augmented threat of sudden infant death syndrome.

Think and Act

Parental smoking can also drain the financial resources of a family. The money spent on buying packs on cigarettes can be suitably utilized in fulfilling the requirements of children. It is advisable that parents should refrain from smoking in front of children in minimizing the dangers of health hazards that their action may cause to them.