How Smoking Affects Pregnant Women?

Smoking Affects Pregnant WomenSmoking Affects Pregnant Women : It is crucial for pregnant women to stay away from certain activities, and smoking is one of them. Undoubtedly smoking is a bad option for pregnant women. Women who smoke during pregnancy are subjected to enhanced risks of giving birth to a stillborn baby, suffering a miscarriage, or delivering a baby with unsatisfactory birth weight. Smoking by pregnant women doubles the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS that causes sudden death of their healthy children.

Cigarette smoking can augment the threat of a diverse range of complications related to pregnancy such as premature rupture of membranes, vaginal bleeding and premature placental detachment. Smoking also hinders the absorption of vitamins B and C and folic acid in pregnant mothers. Deficiency in folic acid can lead to flaws in the neural tube. Numerous chemicals present in cigarette smoke, for example carbon monoxide and nicotine, are toxic in nature that progress through a pregnant woman’s bloodstream and adversely affect the developing baby.

When a pregnant woman smokes, it diminishes the supply of oxygen to the baby. The nicotine can result in the increased heart rate of the baby. Nicotine diminishes the baby’s source of nutrients due to the augmented blood pressure and blood vessel constriction.For some pregnant women quitting in the first trimester is easy, as during this period they develop an abrupt aversion to cigarettes. Women who give up smoking at this stage greatly reduce the probability of miscarriage. They may also decrease the possibility of the baby’s improper development. It is advisable for women to give up smoking prior to becoming pregnant. Quitting the habit in the early stages can ensure the birth of a healthy baby.

Pregnant women who give up smoking during the second trimester of pregnancy diminish the possibilities of developing complications like placenta previa going into pre-term labor and even stillbirth. If a pregnant woman is unsuccessful in her attempt to quit smoking in the first trimester, she should try to reduce the number of cigarettes she smokes. This can immensely help her baby.

Even if a pregnant woman stops smoking in the third trimester, it can enhance the chances of giving birth to a healthy, full-term, normal birth-weight baby. Decrease in birth-weight of babies is closely connected to the number of cigarettes the mother smokes. There is a direct link between smoking and damaged fetal growth. Pregnant women who give up smoking at this juncture can thwart the prospect of losing one’s baby to SIDS. The sooner a pregnant woman gives up smoking, better the chances of giving birth to a healthy baby.

Smoking While Pregnant – Risk to Your Baby

It is not a secret that it is potentially dangerous and harmful to indulge is smoking while pregnant. This habit may have adverse effects on the unborn baby. Also, these adverse effects cannot be undone later. Smoking while pregnant can put your baby at risk. Hence, smoking is not a good idea if you are expecting a baby. When you are pregnant, you should avoid the habit of smoking as suggested by health experts

Smoking and Pregnancy – The Adverse Effects
Here are a few adverse effects on the baby which may happen if one smokes while expecting.

• Miscarriage – One of the most common ill-effects of smoking while expecting is miscarriage. The risk of miscarriage increases if one smokes during pregnancy. Also, chances of stillbirth may also increase due to smoking.
• Premature Delivery – Smoking may also lead to premature labor and delivery. A premature delivery is harmful for the baby’s vital organs as they are not fully developed. If the baby is born very weak, then it may even die because of complications as soon as it is born.
• Birth Weight – Smoking even leads to a lower weight at the time of the birth. The harmful chemicals present in the cigarette enters the baby’s blood stream via the placenta. This creates a hindrance in the fetus growth.
• Placenta Complications – Pregnant women may experience complications related to placenta when they indulge in smoking while pregnant. The placenta may move down or separate from the uterus.

Pregnant Mothers Smoking Effects

Smoking ciggies is a trend among many teenage girls and young women as they start to smoke because they either learn from their elders or peers. There are many adverse effects of pregnant mothers smoking. Also, they tend to continue their habit even when they are pregnant. This habit creates a variety of health hazards and even result in pregnancy-related complications. Hence, it’s better to stay away from smoking for the good health of both the new mother and her would-be baby. There are various reasons which would affect the pregnant women’s body due to their continuous smoking habit.

Reproductive and Respiratory Problems
When a pregnant woman smokes, the amount of oxygen she inhales reduces. Also, the carbon dioxide is not completely exhaled from her body. This amount of oxygen is not sufficient to even meet the needs of a mother. A very small quantity of oxygen is actually passed from the mother to her baby. Also, the growing fetus gets more carbon monoxide as the entire gas is not exhaled out. Finally both the baby and the mother tend to inhale noxious gases such as carbon dioxide and inhale less amount of oxygen. Hence, they suffer from various respiratory disorders.

Pregnant mothers smoking is risky as this habit damages their growing fetus as well as their reproductive system. Also, their developing fetus will also affected adversely. Hence, it best to quit smoking while expecting a child to avoid any health complications.

Adverse Effects of Passive Smoking
A baby is adversely affected by secondhand smoking. When the husband or another friend or relative smokes near the pregnant woman, she as well as her baby get equally affected by the noxious gases. Hence, it is very important that the partners and others refrain from smoking when they are near the expecting woman.

In the same way, a newborn’s health is adversely affected if his or her father or other people smoke near/around her. As the newborn’s physical and immune system will still be developing, the poisonous smoke can lead to several infections. Even the health of the nursing mother is affected as they tend to lose a lot of stamina during the process of birth. Hence, the secondhand smoke can cause a lot harm to them. Any harm to the mother will finally lead to the baby as she nurses her baby in this period.

Smoking and Hereditary Problems
Smoking by pregnant mothers is considered to be the most dangerous activity as she tends to pass the hereditary disorders to her developing fetus. It is important to know that the genetic traits are automatically inherited by the developing fetus at the time of formation of new cells. As a expecting woman smokes, the health repercussions are only much greater. Hence, it is advisable that sooner a pregnant woman quits smoking, the healthier her baby will be.

When a pregnant woman smokes the repercussions are only greater and the child gets vulnerable to all the hereditary diseases .The risks are comparatively smaller for a woman who does not smoke.
These are some of the adverse pregnant mothers smoking effects which causes potential health hazards for both the mother and the child. Hence, it is very important for a expecting mother to quit smoking for ensuring a good health for herself as well as her baby.

Smoking Pregnant Woman Can Expose Baby To Allergies

Smoking during pregnancy can expose the child to allergies. A child in the woman gets exposed to secondhand smoke and this can be bad for the baby’s health. The child can be vulnerable to allergies. Swedish researchers have shown that a child exposed to secondhand smoke in infancy can develop allergies. In fact, children were at risk of being allergic to inhaled allergens compared to those who were not exposed to secondhand smoke. These children were also allergic to foodstuff.

Much research has been done linking a child exposed to secondhand smoke during pregnancy stage as well as later on. Researchers have also highlighted the link to inhaling secondhand smoke to behavior patterns in children and also to wheezing and asthma.
Researchers have also favored pregnant mothers to give up smoking for preserving the health of the child in the womb.

Pregnant Mothers Smoking Facts

Smoking Affects Pregnant WomenSmoking during pregnancy is known to adversely affect the unborn child of a pregnant woman. Here are a few pregnant mothers smoking facts which will help to throw light on the adverse consequences of smoking during pregnancy. It is a well-known fact that women who are bearing a child should completely avoid smoking cigarettes or any other tobacco product. But, the exact reasons have not been detailed or explained well.

Smoking and Pregnancy – The Fact Sheet
Here are few facts which will definitely help you to be aware of the health risks of smoking during pregnancy. These include:

• Smoking more than half a pack cigarettes can lead to irregular menstruation or infertility in women.

• Women who tend to smoke experience menopause earlier when compared with women who don’t smoke.

• Expecting women tend to pass any elements or chemicals they take or inhale (such as alcohol, tobacco, food, etc) to their developing child via the placenta.

• Pregnant women who smoke may slow down their baby’s growth and development by minimizing the amount of oxygen and increasing the carbon monoxide amount that the fetus receives. This occurs in a critical period when the baby’s nervous system and brain are developing.

• Newborn of mothers who tend to smoke continuously during their pregnancy usually weigh 7 ounces lighter when compared with newborn of non-smoking mothers.

• Smoking during pregnancy also increases the possibility of premature labor, stillbirths and miscarriages (spontaneous abortions).
• Women who tend to smoke during pregnancy risk having a baby with abnormalities or birth defects.

• Nursing mothers can easily pass nicotine to their young ones via breast milk.

• Babies born to smoking mothers are more likely to develop respiratory disorders like asthma as well as bronchitis and colds.

With these pregnant woman smoking facts to consider, you should really start thinking about quitting smoking for a while. This will ensure a healthy life for both you and your new bundle of joy!

Your baby is your bundle of joy, don’t affect his or her future with this reckless habit – smoking while you are pregnant. So, think twice before you light up the next fag! Quit smoking for a safe and healthy future.