How Smoking Damages Your Health?

Smoking Damages Your Health : The majority of people who smoke are conscious of certain risks linked to smoking such as cancer, emphysema and bronchitis. But smoking has an impact on all aspects of one’s health. Smoking affects cardiovascular system in many ways. Smoking diminishes HDL cholesterol, also referred to as “good” cholesterol, in adolescents. Smoking weakens the elastic traits of the aorta, the largest blood vessel in the body, and this increases the danger for developing blood clots. Smoking augments the activity of the sensitive nervous system, subjecting the system that regulates the heart and blood vessels to additional stress.

In women, smoking augments dangers for cardiovascular disease since it has an effect on hormones that are responsible for estrogen deficiency. Individuals who smoke a pack of cigarettes daily have nearly two and a half times the possibility for having a stroke in comparison to nonsmokers.

Health Effects of Smoking

  • Smoking accounts for the majority of cases related to lung cancer, and is also responsible for causing other kinds of cancers.
  • Since cigarettes consist of numerous chemicals, cancer may result from the combined effects of more than one of these carcinogens.
  • DNA damage to the lungs is caused by the tar from cigarettes, and as a result cells cannot repair them easily.
  • Smoking also causes cancers of the throat, mouth and esophagus.
  • Smokers are susceptible to greater threats from leukemia, and cancers of the stomach, bladder, kidney and pancreas.
  • Smoking is also responsible for causing cervical cancers.
  • Smoking has an adverse effect on bones and joints because it hinders the development of new bone.
  • Women who smoke are an increased risk to develop osteoporosis. Women smokers are also to some extent likely to be afflicted with rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Smokers are also more prone to developing degenerative maladies and damages to the spine.
  • Smoking also augments the secretion of acids, diminishes prostaglandin and bicarbonate production, and reduces mucosal blood flow which can result in peptic ulcers. The healing of gastric and duodenal ulcers is also delayed by smoking.
  • Cyanedim, a chemical present in cigarette smoke, hinders thyroid hormone production, which can cause thyroid disease.
  • People who smoke heavily are exposed to the threat of developing cataracts of the eye. Smokers are also subjected twice to the danger of developing macular degeneration, an eye ailment linked to aging, in comparison to nonsmokers.
  • Individuals who smoke appear older than nonsmokers since smokers acquire greater and deeper wrinkles as they age.
  • Women smokers are exposed to increased dangers for infertility. Women who smoke a pack or more daily are at greatest risk. Women who commenced smoking before 18 years are likely to suffer from infertility related complications.
  • The health impacts of smoking are significant since it gives rise to several diseases some of which are incurable. It subjects smokers to a great deal of distress.