How to Give Up Smoking Hash?

Studies show that Hash or Hashish yields stronger psychoactive effects than marijuana. Since the withdrawal symptoms are very high when one is addicted to smoking, hash becomes difficult to give up. Discover effective ways to quit hash smoking by reading the article below.

Give Up Smoking
Hashish or Kif is commonly referred to as Hash. Hashish or Hash is a cannabis preparation which constitutes compressed hair-like growths or appendages of plants collected from the cannabis plant. Hash is a highly concentrated mixture of the buds and leaves of the cannabis plant that produces psychoactive effects in a person.

What Does Hash Look Like?

Hash looks like small pieces of sticky brown clay. The color however depends upon the quality of the hashish. Hash or Hashish is often crumbled or mixed with tobacco in a cigarette or smoked through pipes. Hash is very popular in Morocco where it is smoked through small pipes called Sebsis or through water pipes called Hookahs.

Is Hash Different From Marijuana?

Hash is a stronger form of marijuana. While marijuana is the crude drug prepared from the cannabis sativa plant, hash is prepared from the leaves and flowers of the marijuana plant. Hash is usually crushed into slabs or cakes. Though usually smoked, hash can also be eaten or vaporized.

Marijuana produces psychoactive effects due to an active ingredient called the THC or the Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol. Researchers claim that Hash contains at least 5-10 times more of the same ingredient thereby producing greater mental and physical effects in a person.

Ways to Quit Hash

Quit or give up smoking hash with the help of the following methods:

  • Cannabis detoxification products like herbs, teas or drinks
  • Rehabilitation
  • Strengthen your will power to quit hash
  • Determination to give up
  • Set achievable goals
  • Make promises to fulfill
  • Practice positive thinking
  • Have good intentions and set new resolutions and targets to quit hash

The quantity and frequency of hash smoking will eventually determine the clearance of the toxins from your body. It may take a week or month depending on how well you are able to manage your withdrawal symptoms. Never give up trying even though you cannot give up hash or marijuana as soon as you may have expected.