How to Stop Kids from Smoking?

Whether kids are directly exposed to smoke from the cigarettes or through secondhand smoking, they need to be stopped. Smoking it should not be forgotten is an addiction. So be patient in helping your child quit smoking. You could start by quitting yourself. Find more ways to help your child give up smoking in the article below.

Researchers claim that the best way to stop your kids from smoking is to set an example by stopping yourself. More interestingly, many teenagers are also becoming aware about the harmful effects of smoking and secondhand smoking. This was evident from the protest carried out by teenagers in New Jersey who rallied under an anti-smoking campaign.

A resounding awareness among the youth is showing a progression towards healthier lives. For example, Mississippi, which ranks fourth in the world for the loss of lives due to tobacco use, also witnessed protests led by youth. Smoking is therefore becoming less acceptable in the West where fewer children are actually engaging in it.

Help Your Kids Avoid Secondhand Smoke

A child’s health can be affected not only when he or she smokes but through secondhand smoke as well. Ways to help your kid avoid secondhand smoke:

  • Stop smoking around your kids
  • Help other family members to stop smoking around the house
  • Discourage smoking in your car
  • Inquire into the fact that your child’s day care facility centre and school is smoke free

Stop Smoking to Stop your kids from Smoking

Researchers are of the opinion that smoking parents can increase the risk of having their children smoke in their teenage years by 40%. Therefore, one of the best ways to help kids quit smoking would be to be for parents to quit first

Tips to Help Your Kids Stop Smoking

Some ways you can stop your kids from smoking are listed here below:

  • Ensure that the school educates them about the harmful effects of smoking
  • Talk about issues that are relevant to the child’s age
  • Inform them that purchasing tobacco below the age of 18 years is illegal
  • Encourage your child to talk to you about everything
  • Try observing and altering ways to reduce any peer pressure or bulling from friends
  • Let your kids believe that you are always there for him or her

Establishing close bonds with your kids will help develop a transparent relationship between you and your kids. Sometimes troubles cannot be spelt away but you can certainly help them if they are comfortable to open their hearts to you. So help your kids to stop smoking now.