Stop Smoking At One Go, Preferable or not?

This is the big question for many smokers. Everyone will be under an impression that quitting to smoke at one go causes lot of mental trauma and so is not preferable. But research indicates that an individual can easily quit smoking if he takes a decision to quit smoking spontaneously rather than making plans to give up the habit.

One can stop smoking at one go by getting rid of the cigarettes one possesses together with the ashtrays that are kept in one’s house. One can quit smoking on the spur of the moment by teaming up with a friend and pledging never to smoke again. People who make plans to quit smoking often overcome by sad emotions, as they are giving up a habit that has been a source of pleasure to them for years.

Treat Cigarettes as Your Greatest Enemy

One should straightway consider cigarettes to be his or her greatest enemy. The thought that smoking causes a great deal of suffering to them can help in quitting the habit forever. People generally tend to smoke more if they have a ready availability of cigarettes. When they have finished one, they try to grab the other if they find one. Hence one should keep the cigarettes at places where it is inconvenient to get them.

Is Stopping Smoking Preferrable at one go

Get the Right Support

Studies have revealed that one can successfully quit smoking if there is help around. An individual can obtain support in his/her endeavor to quit smoking in several ways. One should inform one’s family, friends and co-workers about one’s decision to quit smoking and seek their support. One should request them not to smoke in one’s presence or offer cigarettes.

Divert Yourself

In a bid to quit smoking one should make an attempt to divert oneself from craving to smoke. This can be done by conversing with someone, taking a walk, or getting involved in a task. When one makes an attempt to quit smoking, one should alter the schedule as well. For instance choose a dissimilar route to work, drink tea in place of coffee or eat breakfast at a different place than usual.

Do Things That Reduce Stress

In an effort to quit smoking one should undertake activities with the objective of diminishing stress. A hot water bath, exercise, or reading a book can be beneficial. It is also advised to involve in activities that are enjoyable. Drinking sufficient amount of water together with other fluids can also help one in his or her attempt to quit smoking. Proper medications can assist individuals in giving up smoking and diminish the yearn to smoke. Many relapse take place within the initial three months after an individual quits smoking. One should not be disheartened to pick up the habit again, since many people attempt a number of times before they eventually quit.