Is there a safe way to smoke?

Is there a safe way to smoke? : Smokers are always trying several techniques to reduce the health risks of smoking. Unfortunately, most techniques used to reduce the risk don’t work, and, in many cases, may actually increase the dangers of smoking. This article explains whether there is a safe way to smoke or not.

There is no alternative or a substitute for a safe smoking. It’s absolutely true that any type of cigarette, tobacco can damage the human body. Any amount of smoke is dangerous.

There is no safe way to smoke:

Research has found that even smoking as few as 1 to 4 cigarettes a day can cause serious health consequences like heart diseases, cancers, and a higher risk of dying at an earlier age.

Smokers believe that “light” cigarettes, pipes, cigars or filtered cigarettes are the best substitute to high-tar and high-nicotine cigarettes and have a lower health risk, but this is only a misconception. When people switch to brands with lower tar and nicotine, they often end up smoking more cigarettes, to get the same nicotine dose as before.

Some smokers believe that hand-rolled cigarettes are a cheaper and healthier way to smoke. But they too, are equally dangerous. In fact, lifelong smokers of hand-rolled cigarettes have been found to have an increased risk of cancers of the larynx, esophagus, mouth, and pharynx when compared with smokers of manufactured cigarettes.

All natural cigarettes are marketed as containing no chemicals or additives. But, smoke from these cigarettes, like the smoke from all cigarettes, contains numerous carcinogens and toxins that come from the tobacco itself, including tar and carbon monoxide.

Herbal cigarettes, even though they do not contain tobacco, also produce tar and carbon monoxide and are equally dangerous to health. Carbon monoxide is one of the major factors contributing to the high incidence of heart and circulatory diseases in smokers.

Some seem to think chewing tobacco is better than cigarettes. But, chewing tobacco greatly increases the risk of all types of mouth cancers, heart diseases, periodontal disease. Chewing tobacco contains just as much or more nicotine than other forms of tobacco.

All tobacco contains nicotine, countless fatal toxins and chemicals. It does not matter whether you smoke tobacco in a machine-rolled cigarette, a hand-rolled cigarette, a cigar, a pipe, or chewable forms. It does not matter whether it is high quality, middle quality or low quality tobacco. All users of tobacco will suffer adverse health consequences.

What is the bottom line for smokers who want to protect their health?

Almost every method of making smoking safer is a mere nonsense. There is only one way to totally reduce the chances of fatal diseases caused by smoking, is to quit smoking completely.