Lesser Known Dangerous Side Effects of Smoking

The biggest irony about smoking is that all the smokers know the serious side effects of smoking which ruin their health after a certain period of time but they are totally ignorant about the lesser known side effects of smoking which ruin their health throughout their life. Go through the article and know the dangerous side effects of smoking.
All of us know the dangers of smoking. It causes different types of fatal cancers, heart diseases and lung diseases along with some other known dangers. These are the most serious side effects of smoking. It is important for every smoker to know the lesser known side-effects of smoking which create havoc in the listener’s heart that kills a smoker in each and every moment.

Know the Lesser Known Dangerous Side Effects of Smoking:

Smoking Can Cause Impotence:

Many studies have reported heavy smoking as one of the leading causes of erectile dysfunction that leads to impotence. It is also reported that smoking increases the risk of erectile dysfunction by around 50% in men of 30 to 40 years old.

Researchers say that impotence linked to smoking can affect a man at an early age i.e. around 30 years old incase he smoked for a long time.

Smoking can Cause Permanent and Age-Related Blindness:

In Western countries smoking is a most common cause of blindness. Studies have reported that smoking can cause permanent and age-related blindness. Recently British studies have reported that smoking increases the chances of going blind as one gets older. Apart from this smoking causes the development of cataract, age-related macular degeneration (AMD), diabetic retinopathy, loss of central vision, optic neuropathy etc related to eyes. Experts say that the association between smoking and AMD is as strong as the association between smoking and lung cancer.

They also report that smokers are at double risk of loosing their sights in later life in compare to non- smokers.

Smoking Increases the Risk of Injuries and Slows Down Healing Power:

It is found that injuries caused to ligaments and bones in smokers. Smoking restricts the flow of oxygen, blood and nutrients by constricting the blood vessels about 25% of their normal diameter. This condition slows down the healing power of our body as the injured area needs more of oxygen, blood and nutrients to form new cells and bones.

Smoking Increases the Risk of Illness:

Studies report that smoking increases the risk of illness. It’s seen that smokers often suffer from colds, cough, pneumonia, flu, bronchitis than non-smokers. Smokers with medical conditions lead a pathetic life as smoking makes the condition more worse and treatment ineffective.

Smoking Can Burn Down Your House:

A study published by the University of California Davis reported that smoking is a leading cause of fire-related deaths and house fires that costs human lives. Smoking on bed is a main cause of fire-related deaths because smokers fall asleep with burning cigarettes on their beds.

Above are few examples of some lesser known side-effects of smoking about which smokers as well as non-smokers are ignorant and don’t talk about. They are not life threatening but can take your life .Beware of them!!