Mind of a Smoker

Mind of a Smoker : With the passage of time, human beings have devised a number of ways to safeguard themselves from the environment in order to ensure the happiness and longevity of their lives. But it appears that some of them, having acquired a degree of stability are unsure of what to do next and for the sake of happiness try to destroy their lives and reduce their longevity by indulging in the undesirable habits like smoking.

Individuals failing to realize that longevity and good health are necessary to reduce their sufferings see no harm in deriving pleasure from the act of smoking at their cost. To get rid of these fallacies, an individual should realize that smoking is neither a source of satisfaction nor the cause of happiness.

Coping up with dissatisfaction

  • One should take into account the mind of the smoker while he or she gets hold of his next cigarette.
  • By smoking it he desires to hold back the intense dissatisfaction that has cropped up in his mind.
  • This particular kind of dissatisfaction was present only when he commenced smoking.
  • Cigarettes augmented it and sustained smoking has preserved it. In place of assuaging his dissatisfaction, a person on the verge of smoking will only assist in creating greater dissatisfaction.
  • As a person breathes in the smoke from his cigarette, there is a short-lived decrease in the degree of dissatisfaction.
  • However his mind is still in a dissatisfied state but he is under the impression that he has acquired happiness and thinks that the cigarette has made it possible.
  • Even when a person is smoking, the dissatisfaction has started to increase yet again.
  • Trying to avoid dissatisfaction temporarily is a meaningless way of dealing with any problem without any concrete solution at all.

If smoking were actually responsible for creating a sense of happiness, everybody would take pleasure in smoking and smokers would experience growing happiness the more they smoked, and each cigarette would give rise to happiness to some extent. But a large number of people have an aversion for smoking and cannot even tolerate the prospect of being together with smokers. Smokers themselves become sick and their condition deteriorates as they continue to smoke and frequently derive no pleasure by any means. Hence smoking is not considered as a means of happiness.

Due to the harmful effects of tobacco on body and mind, smoking is one of the most awful diversions for those trying to relax their mind. The desire to smoke crop ups from the negative mind that is lured to the happiness of this type, and whenever the smoker sticks to the dictates of this negative mind he is guided to a lower state of existence and makes himself vulnerable to greater miseries in the years ahead.