Quit Smoking through Yoga

Yoga is not a miracle cure to quit smoking. The different aspects of yoga such as asanas, pranayama, meditation, and breathing techniques definitely are the best techniques for quitting ever invented or discovered by man. No other techniques can challenge these well designed comprehensive and integrated techniques to quit smoking. Try it and bring the change in your life!

Yoga Helps Quit Smoking-really sounds strange and to some impossible. But yoga can really play a vital role in quitting smoking. If you add yoga in your smoking cessation, you will get the best results and confidence to quit smoking.

The best thing what yoga does is it improves your damaged smoking health. It improves your lung capacity and strength and ultimately it alleviates some of the dangerous effects of smoking.

How yoga helps you quit smoking?Quit Smoking

  • Yoga cultivates determination and willpower in a smoker which are the primary strengths needed to quit smoking. And no other techniques can work in overcoming this biggest weakness of a smoker.
  • Many people smoke or start smoking due to psychological and emotional problems. And yoga is the only technique which helps best in overcoming these life taking traumas and maintaining psychological and emotional balance in the body.
  • It creates awareness to lead a healthy life and to understand your own body. This awareness automatically let you know that your body does not want these types of dangerous toxins. And the same awareness brings a great change and improvement in your diet and lifestyle to quit smoking as well as to improve your health.
  • The deep breathing techniques of yoga neutralize the irresistible cravings for nicotine which happens during the first days and weeks of quitting. And no other technique can work best in this regard.
  • Yoga helps quitting smoking without weight gain and any other side effects. And no other techniques can help in this regard.

What is the most important yoga technique which helps best to quit smoking?

One of the important yoga cleansing practices called as Jala Neti,’ which works wonders for those who want to quit smoking. This technique effects at both physical and psychological levels. It is an integrated approach which works smoothly to help a smoker quit smoking.

How yoga breathing techniques can help you quit smoking?

Here is a simple example of a yoga breathing techniques which helps best whenever you crave for a cigarette.

How to practice it?

  • Inhale deeply as far as you can and then slowly exhale. Purse your lips so that the air will come out slowly.
  • Slowly touch your chest with your chin as you exhale
  • Imagine all your stress, tension and other emotional problems draining out of your fingers and toes.
  • Practice it at least three times.

This deep breathing technique works as your greatest weapon during the strong cravings and gives you the best possible result.