Resolving How to Quit Smoking

Determination or resolve is of fundamental importance for a person attempting to quit smoking. A person desirous of giving up smoking should be aware of the reasons for quitting the habit. If the reasons are given by someone else like the doctor, one’s family or friends, then chances of quitting are less likely to yield the desired results. However, if the reasons to quit smoking are personal the likelihood of a person succeeding is greater.

Personal reasons can revolve round negative thoughts about smoking such as the thought of an individual dying young. The reasons can also be positive in nature like an individual’s keenness to play football without running out of breath quickly. It is imperative for an individual to write down the reasons to stop smoking. Even if the reasons are insignificant one should take note of them. The list should be readily available to the person attempting to stop smoking, so that it can provide the necessary impetus to achieve his objective.

Incentives to quit Smoking

  • One should be aware of the fact that smoking adversely affects the well-being of smokers.
  • Cost factor involved in smoking is also a strong factor to abstain a smoker from smoking.
  • Determination to look appealing to the opposite sex can be a source of great motivation for people to quit smoking.
  • Women who are pregnant should be determined to stop smoking for the baby’s health. They should also be aware of the complications they can avoid during pregnancy by quitting to smoke.

Smoking is a habit that people develop over the years and depend on it for deriving pleasure. Quitting the habit may give rise to emotional as well as physical emptiness. In order to overcome this feeling of emptiness a person should build a strong resolve so that he does not resort back to smoking.

One can build a resolve to quit smoking by indulging in regular exercise. They should be resolved to stay fit by abstaining from smoking. Exercising not only enhances one’s personal fitness but can go a long way in helping a person quit smoking. Regular exercise makes a person both physically and mentally strong. The mental strength can help a person to shun smoking by not yielding to his or her urges to smoke.