Smoking and Back Pain

Smoking is harmful for your back. Although smoking is not the root cause of sore back, it is a significant risk factor associated with back pain. Refer the article to know more about smoking and back pain.

Smoking and Back PainAbuseBack pain

Back pain is a familiar problem. It affects men and women, manual workers as well as white-collar workers. It can range from a dull and constant ache to a sudden and sharp pain that have a debilitating effect on your health.

One can experience back pain suddenly while lifting a heavy thing or from an accident or a fall. One can also develop it gradually over time due to age-related changes to the spine or due to smoking.

Smoking Causes Back pain

Smoking increases the risk of getting affected from low back pain with sciatica (back pain that spreads out to the hip and/or leg due to pressure on a nerve). Of late researchers have confirmed that smoking causes back pain. In fact, they have discovered that smokers are more likely to develop back pain than the non-smokers.

Why Smoking Causes Back pain

  • Smoking can cause sore back either directly or indirectly. Smoking clogs up the arteries that impair the supple of blood and oxygen to the lower spine. This deteriorates the spinal disks.
  • Smoking blocks the body’s ability in delivering nutrients to the discs of the lower back. With inadequate nutrition the tissues of the lower back gets damaged, which finally results in back aches.
  • Nicotine from cigarettes affects the way the brain sends its pain signals.
  • Heavy smoking leading to chronic coughing also causes back pain, indirectly.
  • Smokers who are less physically fit than nonsmokers have more risk of developing back pain.
  • Smoking which slows down the healing process, prolongs pain for people with back injuries, broken bones, or who have undergone back surgery.


  • Health experts advise to kick the habit of smoking. Giving up cigarettes may not give instant relief from the back pain. But, subsequently it will lower down sore back.
  • A sensible and balanced diet protects you from developing sore back.
  • Calcium and Vitamin D pills are quite effective in the treatment of back pain. [Holistic Kenko]
  • Putting an extra pillow between your knees and then sleeping on your side relieves you from back pain.
  • Core strengthening exercises helps a lot in case you are having back pain.
  • Try to stretch out as frequently as possible. Stretching maintains the flexibility of your muscles.
  • Always stand upright. Bad postures worsen sore back.
  • Be cautious while lifting heavy items. You can divide the heavy load into smaller parts.
  • Always opt for pushing than pulling because pushing is much easier on your back than pulling.
  • Visit a doctor if the pain is severe and chronic.