Stop Smoking During Pregnancy

It is imperative for pregnant women to refrain from certain activities, and smoking is one of them. There is little doubt that smoking is a bad option for pregnant women. Women who smoke during pregnancy are exposed to augmented risks of giving birth to a stillborn baby, suffering a miscarriage, or delivering a baby with unsatisfactory birth weight. Smoking by pregnant women doubles the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS that causes sudden death of their healthy children.

An Overview

Cigarette smoking can augment the threat of a diverse range of complications related to pregnancy such as premature rupture of membranes, vaginal bleeding and premature placental detachment. Smoking also hinders the absorption of vitamins B and C and folic acid in pregnant mothers. Deficiency in Folic Acid can lead to flaws in the neural tube. Numerous chemicals present in cigarette smoke for example carbon monoxide and nicotine, are toxic in nature that progresses through a pregnant woman’s bloodstream and has an adverse impact on the developing baby. [Holistic Kenko]

When a pregnant woman smokes, it diminishes the supply of oxygen to the baby. The nicotine can result in the increased heart rate of the baby. Nicotine diminishes the baby’s source of nutrients due to the augmented blood pressure and blood vessel constriction.

It is advisable that women who are pregnant should quit smoking in order to avoid pregnancy related complications. The best way to quit smoking during pregnancy is to make a list of the harmful effects that are associated with smoking. One would also do well to make a note of the reasons for giving up smoking. When a pregnant woman is desirous of smoking she should look at the paper on which she has written down the harmful consequences of smoking. This should act as a strong deterrent against the desires of the pregnant woman to smoke by making her aware about the consequences of her thoughtless action that can harm her baby.

Pregnant women will do well to select a day on which to quit their undesirable habit. On that day she should make a firm resolve to throw away all her cigarettes, lighters and ashtrays.
A pregnant woman trying to quit smoking should keep away from places, activities or people that encourage her to smoke. While making an endeavor to quit smoking, pregnant women should seek the assistance of a friend or a partner to help her in her effort.

A woman who is pregnant should seek the advice of a physician and ask for quitting aids for example patches, gum, nasal spray and medications. One should not be discouraged if the initial attempt to quit smoking proves futile. One should persist with her effort to give up the habit completely at the initial stages of pregnancy.

Smoking During Pregnancy

We all know that smoking is injurious to health. This is especially applicable to pregnant women, as they also have take care of their unborn child. So, if you are a smoking woman, quit smoking for good before becoming pregnant. This article gives you useful information that will help you make the decision to quit the dreadful habit of smoking.

Effects of Smoking on Pregnant Women and their Baby


  • Miscarriage



Smoking increases the risk of miscarriage in pregnant women. It is also true that smoking pregnant women can end up with a stillbirth.


  • Premature Delivery



Smoking can also lead to premature delivery. This could prove harmful for the baby. A prematurely delivered baby may not have the time to develop all the vital organs properly. For instance, if the baby’s lungs are not properly developed, he/she could suffer breathing complications. Besides, if the baby is born weak because of premature delivery, it increases the chances of his/her death.


  • Birth Defects



If women smoke during pregnancy, their babies could be born with birth defects such as a cleft lip or a cleft palate. Other disabilities which the baby may suffer include mental retardation, cerebral palsy and learning disabilities. Smoking affects the circulation of oxygen in the blood. This can affect the baby by increasing his/her heart rate.


  • Low Birth Weight



The baby may also be born with low birth weight. This could happen because chemicals in cigarettes can affect the placenta in the baby’s blood. This could hinder the fetus’ growth and it could end up not receiving adequate nutrition which is required for proper development and growth.


  • Placenta Problems



If women smoke during pregnancy they may face problems in their placenta. The placenta may even separate from the uterus before the baby is delivered.


  • Other Problems for the Child



Research reveals that children whose mothers smoked during pregnancy experience poor health and behavioral problems. Passive smoking too can harm the fetus.

Quitting Smoking may be Harder if Mom Smoked During Pregnancy

There are many smoking addicts who find it difficult, almost impossible to quit. All methods of quitting have failed and they have gone back to smoking. It had been a puzzle as to why some people had more difficulty than others quitting and staying quit. We may now have some answers to this problem.

Quitting smoking may be harder if mom smoked during pregnancy?
A new research may throw some light on one of the possible reasons for this. Some scientists from the duke Center for Nicotine and Smoking Cessation Research recently concluded a study on why this happens and came up with an interesting observation. They observed that a lot many of those who were having a really difficult time quitting and staying quit had mothers who smoked when they were pregnant.

Edward Levin, who was the leading investigator in this study says that this research shows that the effects of smoking during pregnancy go beyond the immediate effectson the infant like low birth weight or premature delivery. The effects linger on almost throughout the child’s life. Also, it is not just smoking that affects the baby, but it is the nicotine in cigarettes. This is why some of these effects are seen even due to usage of nicotine patches and gums.

If you are having a problem quitting or staying that way, you might want to first look at this research and find out if that is the reason behind your inability to quit. If that is so, then you may need more will power and clinical help than many others to get over your addiction but it is not impossible.

The main problem many people have is not quitting but staying quit.
It is not very difficult to make up your mind and quit. But to stay that way and deal with withdrawal and cravings is something many people fail to cope with and give in to the habit over and over again.

Most addicts require multiple attempts to quit and stay that way. So even if you do not succeed the first time, do not lose heart but keep trying till you are successful in leaving your addiction behind.

Quit Smoking during Pregnancy Helps to have an “Easy-going Child”

Smoking during pregnancy causes harmful risks to both mother and child. The link between smoking during pregnancy and behavioral problems in children is not clearly explained by studies. Recently a new British study showed a link between these two factors and reports that women who give up smoking during pregnancy are more likely to have an easy going child.

The study analyzed data of 18,000 UK babies born between 2000 and 2002.The mothers of these babies were categorized as the following:
• Non-smokers during pregnancy
• Quitters during pregnancy
• Light smokers during pregnancy
• Heavy smokers during pregnancy

The researchers studied the following temperaments of the babies when they were 9 months old:
• Receptivity to new things
• Positive mood
• Regular sleep
• Eating patterns

Results of the Study:
• The researchers found that expecting mothers who gave up smoking had the easiest going babies as compared to non-smokers and smokers.
• Infants, whose mothers gave up smoking, had the lowest chances of unpredictable behaviors and becoming distressed when faced new things or situations.
• Women who smoked heavily during pregnancy had the most difficult babies regarding to behavioral patterns and the study found that the infants are more likely to achieve the lowest scores for positive mood.

The above study shows that smoking during pregnancy not only harms your baby’s physically health rather it can easily harm your child’s mental development. So it is important that you quit smoking completely to have a healthy life, healthy family and healthy kids!!!