Stop Smoking Laser Treatment

Stop Smoking Laser Treatment : Laser treatment is one of the ways to assist smokers become non-smokers. Laser treatment is in practice for the last 22 years in Europe and Canada and it has been 5 years only that laser treatment has become popular in US.  Smoking is dangerous for both active and passive smokers and there is a ban on smoking in many public places. Most of the patients who die of cancer have been found to be active smokers for the most of their life. And smoking is one of the addictions that begin as an experiment and end as an addiction. And it is difficult to get rid of an addiction.

No doubt smoking causes a lot many problems and also increases a lot of expenses at the cost of one’s good health.  The act of smoking cigarettes bombards the body with over “6000 chemicals, tars, odors, carcinogens and toxins” that contribute to higher health risks.  There are various ways to fight smoking but most of the habitual smokers have failed to get rid of the habit. Certain treatments do help them out for some time but the effect is minimal. Smokers bounce back to their habit within a span of few months.

The smoking cessation options that are available are: pills, patches, hypnotherapy, acupuncture, counseling and cold laser therapy. To get rid of any addiction it requires determination, positive thinking and a good amount of social support. Of late laser treatments are becoming popular. But the patient cannot expect that his/her urge to smoke will be stopped overnight as promised by the Laser Treatments. And there is no hard evidence that people who took laser treatments have quit smoking forever.

Now what is laser treatment? While trying to quit smoking most of the smokers are unable to bear the unease they experience during the period popularly known as withdrawal symptoms, cold laser therapy or low-level laser therapy is designed in such a manner that it completely removes the withdrawal symptoms.

Laser treatment operates on the principles of the ancient practice of healing, known as acupuncture. Acupuncture is a Chinese healing art to reduce stress and increase blood circulation and provides relaxation. Low Level Laser does not cut or bruise your skin. It is used to balance the energy flow between acupuncture points like ears, nose, hands, wrist, and forearm.

In laser treatment the counselors also counsel you to cope with the stress that emerges as withdrawal symptoms and affects dietary habits causing increase in body weight. The counselors also recommend meditation, exercise, eating right to control weight, and suggesting activities to veer away one’s thoughts regarding smoking.

Now what this laser treatment actually does is that it stimulates the production of soothing hormones called endorphins. The treatment takes about half an hour. During the session the patient may experience a tingling sensation, a warm feeling or just feel relaxed or nothing at all.

Benefits of stopping smoking achieved through Laser Treatment are

  • Body temperature of feet and hands, blood pressure and pulse rate become normal
  • Carbon Monoxide level in blood drops, improves circulation and increases stamina
  • Nerve endings start re-growing, ability to smell is regainedÂ
  • Bronchial tubes relax and lung capacity increases allowing normal breathing
  • Cold and cough decreases with sign of fatigue receding
  • Risk of heart disease and lung cancer will be lesser

The cost of laser treatment varies from place to place. It ranges from $125 to $400. Laser treatments are not given to pregnant women or people who suffer from epilepsy and cancer.