Stop Smoking Shot

Stop Smoking Shot
Stop Smoking shots are one of the alternatives available to combat smoking habits. You cannot stop smoking just after a stop smoking shot is administered to you. Smoking can be reduced gradually. So before going for a stop smoking shot be mentally prepared that you are going for this treatment as you really want to quit the habit and all other efforts to quit smoking have failed. The efforts mostly fail because people fail to cope with the withdrawal symptoms.

What does Stop Smoking Shot Contain?

Stop smoking shot contain drugs like Atarax and Scopolamine. These chemicals block the nicotine receptors in the brain and reduce your craving for cigarettes. But these drugs are dangerous and may be allergic. These injections are followed by pills and nicotine patches. As Atarax is an antihistamine patients may experience allergic reaction. People suffering from chonic diseases need to consult the doctor about the possible side-effects. All are advised to undergo this treatment under the supervision of a doctor. Go for the treatment only when you are sure that it is FDA approved.

Where is Stop Smoking Shot Injected?

Mainly these drugs are injected behind the ears. So it is painful and those who are afraid of injections this is not a favorable option for them. In another version of stop smoking shots, small amounts of Vitamin B complex shots are used. The shot is administered on the principle of acupuncture that is on the earlobes and near the nose.

Will Stop Smoking Shot eliminate Smoking habit?

What the smokers want to know is whether these shots eliminate the habit of smoking permanently or not and how many shots are required. The number of shot depends on the chemical combination administered.

What are the most popular stop smoking shots available?

The most popular shots are Smart, Welplex or Quit 1-2-3. Smart is a one shot medicine while Welplex or Quit 1-2-3 are three dosed shots. It is also seen that after taking one shot smart medicine, people quit smoking from the very next day. Thought the physical urge to smoke is eliminated the psychological factors remain little changed. Shots alone will not work. There is a need to be counseled about adjusting to a smoking-free life. Years of smoking habits cannot be changed suddenly. The process is gradual and one needs to be willing to embrace life without cigarettes.

The special support sessions you receive during these courses reduces the chance of going back to smoking again. One should be cautious in choosing the clinics as lot of clinics are mushrooming. Smoking cessation treatments are not simple so be judicious in taking the right professional help.

How much does Stop Smoking shot course cost?

The whole course may cost you around $ 400 dollars or more. So discuss with your doctor before you go for one such treatment.

Is Stop Smoking Shot popular?

The stop smoking shot is not very popular. So it is better to start joining a community or to ask the help of a psychologist or a counselor and this may ensure a better way of finding a solution for your psychological and physical dependence on nicotine.