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salvia-leaves Salvia Smoking and Its Dangerous Effects
Cigarette Smoke Components that Harm you Cigarette Smoke Components that Harm you
Quitting Tobacco? Help for First Hard Days Quitting Tobacco? Help for First Hard Days
Anti-Smoking Slogans Anti-Smoking Slogans

Quit smoking. It kills!!! This is the most popular slogan everyone might have heard of. Anti-smoking slogans play an effective part in campaigns, posters etc. The following article gives out a few catchy and interesting slogans…

Effects-of-smoking Effects of smoking
shutterstock_75626944 Effects of Smoking Spice

The adverse effects of smoking spice have been spread and alerted all over the nation in the United States which led to its ban. Many […]

Cigarette Smoke Components that Harm you Smoking Hash Side Effects

Hashish, also known as grass or hash, is formulated from the compact trichomes of the weed plant. The leaves and bud of the weed plant […]

Smoking Weed Effects of Smoking Weed

Weeds is famously known as hemp, grass, pot, ganja, marijuana and cannabis (scientific name). Weed has been a rave among many cultures for recreational and […]

Spinal Disorders Effects of Smoking

Smoking can have disturbing and devastating effects on the body. But, this does not deter smokers from letting out smoke like chimneys. Why is this […]

Marijuana-Side-Effects How Harmful is Passive Smoking ?

Passive smoking is also called secondhand smoke, involuntary smoking or environment smoke. Passive smoking is equally harmful and as dangerous as active smoking. Passive smoking […]

Quit Smoking Naturally What are the Social Benefits of Quitting Smoking ?

There are various benefits of quitting smoking and among them social benefit is one of them. Smoking can be a style statement for few people […]

Shocking-Smoking-facts How can you smoke Calea zacatechichi?

Calea zacatechichi is also called Cheech, Dream Herb, Leaf of God and Bitter Grass. The herb has a long history of being used by indigenous […]

what is smoking Bidis vs Cigarettes – Which is Worse?

What is the difference between bidis and cigarettes? Bidis, also spelled as beedis, are hand-rolled cigarettes. They are rolled in dried betel leaves as opposed […]

Legal-Marijuana-Countries Kretek vs Cigarettes – Which is Worse?

What is the difference between kretek and cigarettes? Kreteks are also known as clove cigarettes or cloves. They contain about 40-60 percent clove oil which […]

quit Smoking aids Cigarette Smoking Pros and Cons

Everybody, including the smokers themselves, keep talking and hearing about the ill effects of smoking and tobacco on various aspects of health. Most of us […]