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Chewing Tobacco and Colon Cancer

Chewing Tobacco is a considerable fact for about one in three of all cancer deaths in the developed world, and about one in five worldwide. […]

what is smoking Smoking Can Cause Platelets Aggregation in Blood

Platelets are important components in our blood. They are responsible for keeping the blood within the vessels. Research shows that Smoking can increase the count […]

Description of the Hookah:

What is a Hookah? A hookah is a water pipe used in smoking. It originated in India.   Components of a Hookah: The Bowl : […]

Nicotine-Addiction Chain Smoking

Chain smoking is the habit of smoking tobacco or other addictives continuously, without a break. The smoking pattern is like a chain, with one link […]

Shocking-Smoking-facts Statistics for Death Caused due to Smoking and Tobacco Use

Tobacco use is a risk factor for 6 of 8 leading cause of death in the world. (smoking death statistics) Source: WHO Report 2008 Areas […]

Shocking-Smoking-facts 5 Unique Styles of Smoking

Smokers enjoy fagging and they do it in different styles to suit their taste. One can judge a person’s personality by his or her smoking […]

what is smoking Your Landlord Can Evict You for Smoking

A person has the right to put down conditions for giving his or her house out on rent. Laws however state that these conditions should […]

Cigarettes-Facts-for-Pregna Why Shouldn't I Smoke During Pregnancy?

Cigarette smoking during pregnancy is harmful not only for the mother but the unborn baby as well. Cigarette smoke contains about 4000 known chemicals and […]