Top Ten Tips to Quit Smoking

People who are addicted to smoking find it hard to give up the habit. However one can quit smoking by sticking to some basic measures. The following ten tips may prove beneficial to persons trying to quit smoking.

  • Deep breathing is an effective means to overcome one’s craving for cigarette. Whenever a person takes a deep breath he or she ensures the supply of a greater amount of oxygen in the bloodstream. This can suitably help one in suppressing the yearn to smoke.
  • One should take into account all the reasons why he or she should refrain from smoking including its detrimental effect on one’s health. One should write down the major difficulties, such as breathlessness or any other health related complications, one faces while smoking. Whenever one feels the urge to smoke one should think about a person who has been badly affected by smoking and the misery that he or she has been subjected to.
  • One should try to associate smoking with negative thoughts such as it is dangerous for health and can give rise to many terminal diseases.
  • Smoking also harms the persons who are around the smokers, including children. One should think about the harm others may have to face due to his/her smoking habit.
  • In order to quit smoking, individuals should prepare themselves for the change. It is imperative that one should get support from the near and dear ones for their endeavor. One should learn new skills and behavior in order to give up smoking. Medication can also help you abstain from smoking.
  • With a view to quit smoking one should fix a deadline. One should also make an attempt to alter one’s surroundings by removing the entire stock of cigarettes along with ashtrays. One must also prohibit others from smoking before him/her. It is advisable to assess past efforts in giving up smoking and take into consideration what worked and what did not.
  • One should inform one’s family, friends, and co-workers about one’s decision to quit smoking and seek their support. One should request them not to smoke in one’s presence or offer cigarettes.
  • In a bid to quit smoking one should make an attempt to divert oneself from craving to smoke. This can be done by conversing with someone, taking a walk, or getting involved in a task.
  • When one makes an attempt to quit smoking, one should alter the schedule as well. For example taking a dissimilar route to work, drinking tea in place of coffee or eating breakfast at a different joint.
  • In an effort to quit smoking one should undertake activities with the objective of diminishing stress. A hot water bath, exercise, or reading a book can be beneficial. It is also advisable one should get involved in activities that are enjoyable. Drinking sufficient amounts of water or fruit juices can also help one in his or her attempt to quit smoking. Proper medication can assist individuals in giving up smoking and diminish the yearn to smoke.

Many relapse take place in the initial 3 months after quitting to smoke. One should not be disheartened to pick up the habit again since numerous people attempt a number of times before they are ultimately successful.