Herbal Remedies Best To Quit Smoking

Herbal remedies to quit smoking are gaining popularity because they are natural, not habit-forming or addictive, and they moderately act as powerful nutritional supplements. Herbs contained in these remedies for smoking cessation are provided in their natural forms while drugs are extracts of the derivative herbs. Thus, herbal remedies promote greater physical and mental well-being and are known to possess remarkable healing properties.

Main Constituents of Herbal Remedies To Quit Smoking:Self Hypnosis to Quit Smoking

Herbs are the preferred source of health care for smoking cessation, as they can be potent enough to prevent and cure all major diseases and temporary afflictions of mind and body. Certain herbal remedies contain better healing benefits than allopathic drugs, as the herbs used are naturally prepared.

Most popular herbs for smoking cessation are:

  • passionflower – which acts as a sedative,
  • sarsparilla- an anti-oxidant,
  • cayenne pepper – for disease prevention,
  • peppermint – a stimulant,
  • bioperine – to increase absorption abilities,
  • burdock root – blood purifier,
  • golden seal – improving digestion,
  • oregon grape – to reduce liver toxins,
  • dandelion root – to improve urinary system.

When combined in herbal remedies to quit smoking, these ingredients work together to cleanse and balance the body effectively, even after years of cigarette smoking.

Herbal Remedies to Quit Smoking are Holistic in Nature

Herbs in combination provide holistic remedies for the body as herbs work together to provide value at different times and different stages of need as required by the body. These bodily needs can be short-term energy, long-term endurance, weight control, tissue rebuild, bodily cleansing or just simple rejuvenating pleasure of detoxification.

How Herbal Remedies Work?

There are many reasons why herbs are considered effective therapy for quitting smoking. The foremost is that an individual’s health is better served with herbs than drugs. Many a time, prescription drugs for smoking cessation may be unsafe, addictive and/or possibly laden with side effects, even though doctors and pharmacists may slam these concerns as unwarranted.

The success of herbal remedies for quitting smoking is also because these do not have unwanted side effects and eliminate the need for more therapy to counter this. This is because herbs used in these remedies are isolated in their natural, unadulterated state and used such that the integrity of the plant or herb is maintained. So, the body receives the entire value of the herb, though the intended effect may take longer to interact physically. Thus, the balance of the body is restored.

Options for Herbal Remedies to Quit Smoking:

Tobacco-free cigarettes are available for smokers progressively wanting to quit nicotine addiction, and these contain a mixture of various herbs like jasmine, ginseng and clover.

However, these still contain damaging tar and carbon dioxide like regular cigarettes, as well as many chemical compounds released by the burning process. So these are not really a healthy option.

Other herbal medications like Kava Kava, a natural anti-anxiety medication, as well as a wide range of natural remedies are available to the ex-smokers.

Herbal Smoking Remedies

There has been a surge in interest in herbal smoke cessation items of late in the United States. There are plenty of herbal and homeopathic products available in the market. Are they effective and safe? Before you start using any herbal remedy, ask your doctor whether it will be safe to use and about any possible side effects.

Herbal Products to Quit Smoking
Read on to know more about a few common herbal aids that may help you to quit smoking for good.


  • Burdock Root Herbal Remedy


This weed naturally occurs in some areas of North America. Actually, research has not been done to prove its efficacy in helping to quit smoking. Burdock root can be lethal if consumed in large quantities. Besides, it looks similar to some toxic plants. Burdock root is an ingredient in a few herbal remedies. This substance should not be used separately.


  • Echinacea Herbal Remedy


This plant is common in North America. Echinacea has a few medicinal values, and can boost the immune system. But, studies on this herb have led to conflicting results regarding its effectiveness. Echinacea is used in combination with other herbs in a few smoking cessation aids. It should not be used on its own.


  • Hyssop Herbal Remedy


These are a group of plants found in the Mediterranean region. They are combined with other herbs in smoking cessation remedies. Hyssop can be fatal if consumed in large doses. So, be cautious while using this herb.


  • Valerian Root Herbal Remedy

This herb can treat many medical conditions. It is used in combination with other herbs in smoking cessation aids.

Herbal Smoking

This refers to smoking exotic plants, instead of tobacco. Herbal smoking means smoking cigarettes with mainly natural ingredients, without any of the nicotine contained in tobacco. However, the effectiveness of herbal cigarettes has not been conclusively proven. Therefore, do not indulge in herbal smoking, while trying to quit usage of tobacco products.