Why Do People Smoke?

There are numerous known and covert reasons behind smoking. This activity began, in all probability, as a religious or medicinal ritual and grew to being considered something fashionable, acceptable and even mood enhancing for those indulging in it.

Smoking is an acquired habit, which health researchers believe, can become an addiction. It has life threatening consequences, if it is not controlled. Thus, it becomes very important to figure out the reasons behind smoking before being able to effectively combat this activity that is making mankind and also the much hard earned money go up in smoke.

Some Fundamental Reasons Behind Smoking

  • Researchers and medical records indicate that the primary reason smokers have before them is media related. Due to the attractive way smoking is advertised, marketed and promoted, people are drawn to this puffing stick.
  • Even though cigarette companies claim that they do not target children or youngsters, the evidence of mass media dealings prove this contrary. Most smoking models are attractive, youthful and involved in some exciting activity or stand to gain something while smoking.
  • Studies indicate that high school graduates, blue collar workers and men in low income brackets are more likely to smoke than men in higher income brackets, though exceptions are there too. A relief from tension and stress is a reason many smokers give for their smoking habit.
  • Children may learn at an early age where their parents or sibling smoke. This is due to accessibility, curiosity and problematic relationships in the household.
  • Some smokers claim they are attracted to the scent of smoke as it brings fond memories of past to them. So the reasons behind smoking can be emotional ones too.
  • Still, others claim that smoking was a habit they picked up from living with people who smoke. The Health Bulletin of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services revealed that it is a fact that children in the homes of smokers take to this habit as they perceive it as a norm.
  • Peer pressure can be attributed as a main reason for this habit. Many people start smoking thinking that it gets them social sanction and a certain degree of acceptability amongst smoking peers.
  • Psychological reasons behind smoking are anxiety and stress. People get addicted to smoking in order to find a way to deal with their mental discomfort. Managing tension through smoking is one outlet many smokers have admitted to.
  • Boredom and socially envied images are other reasons why people take to smoking.